Looking Back: The Final Weeks

We’ve made it to finals week, and given this is my last semester taking classes here at UMW, I could not be happier! I marathon sprinted through these last two weeks, and while working on the blog was fun, I’m glad to now have time doing the creative things I prefer to do (cooking!!!!). This week was a culmination of all the different techniques I learned over the course of the semester, and I tried my best to create my story using a little from each medium. I hope you enjoy it!

Plankton Goes to Jail

Plankton Goes to Jail: Behind the Scene

For these last two weeks we also needed to finish our tutorials if we haven’t done so already. I had one made earlier in this semester so I only had to worry about doing one more, and here they are!

Your Love for Your Pet ** This assignment is tagged correctly (I checked several times) but is only showing up under the assignment portion of the page. It is a tutorial, though.

Instant Replay

And with that, I’m done with this class!!!! I can’t say I’m not excited for break. Because I am so excited. Happy Holiday’s, everyone!!!!

Plankton Goes to Court: Behind the Scenes

911 Recording:

“You know how in crime movies and criminal investigation shows they usually include an audio of a victom talking to the police over the phone? Well in this assignment make an audio of you talking to the police over the phone. Your story of why you are calling the police is up to you, but make sure the audio has two different voices using Audacity or some other audio editing software.”

Surveillance Footage:

Video One

Video Two

Video Three

This video wasn’t inspired by any particular assignment bank assignment, but would definitely fall into the video assignment category.

Craigslist Ad:

This one comes from the week where we were required to do a web alteration using the goggles plug-in. I thought it would fit in perfectly as a way to create some ‘evidence’ against Plankton.

Edited page



The last piece of evidence against Plankton were the flyers he made to announce his new sandwich, the Chum Patty, which looked and tasted exactly like the Krabby Patty. Sources for my images are linked below:

Patty Picture



Instant Replay Tutorial

This is the tutorial for an assignment I created earlier this semester. While one already exists, I used Movie Maker to do my video, and so this tutorial covers how to make it there.

The first thing you will need to do is find a clip (or film one) to use for the assignment. If you’re pulling from YouTube, go to fastest free youtube down loader to download it. It’s fast and pain free, so I use it for all of my video work in this course. Once it was saved to my computer, upload it to Windows movie maker and get to work! All you need to do is select the add videos option on the home screen to get started.


The first thing you will need to do is edit down the clip if there are parts you do not want to include. To do this, use the split feature in the “edit” section, pictured below. You will hit split and the start and finish of the section you want to remove. You then select file – remove, and bam, that part of the clip is gone.

Editing again

You can then move around the order of the clips if you need to by dragging and dropping the clips. After they’re in order, you’ll need to copy and paste a second clip after the first. This will be the one you slow down, or the instant replay section of the assignment. I recommend only slowing it down by .5, other speeds make it feel very awkward. The tool to do this is also in the edit section next to the split tool.


Once that was done, add in an opening title and credit page as specified in the rules for this assignment. Save the project and then hit file again and select save movie in order to save the final piece in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube.

Final Step

Log in to YouTube and upload the finished video. From there, it provides the link to embed the video.

Plankton Goes to Court

It was last year’s biggest news story. It shocked the bottom and left residents feeling uncertain, for the first time, about the fate of the once quiet town. What am I talking about, you ask? Why I’m talking about the day that will live on in Bikini Bottom infamy:

The day Plankton stole the Krabby Patty formula

The day has finally arrived; Plankton is set to go on trial within the hour. Rumors are swirling that the prosecution has an air-tight case linking Plankton to the theft. We’re talking surveillance footage, online histories, phone calls: you name it, they’ve got it.



The trial has begun, the opening statements have been made, and things look to be getting underway! The prosecution will present their case first, and it looks like they’re going to start out with the 911 recordings from the night of the robbery. Take a listen!

In addition to the description given in the 911 call, there’s also video footage placing Plankton at the scene of the crime.

Additionally, the prosecution found evidence that Plankton was soliciting on the internet for information about the recipe leading up to the crime. He frequented sites like Craigslist, posting numerous ads in the wanted section. Below is an example of one such post:

Web adThe last piece of evidence to be presented by the prosecution in this case: an advertisement run by Plankton himself! It depicts a sandwich that looks identical to the Krabby Patty, something he could not have done without being in possession of the recipe!

FlyerWith the last piece of evidence presented, the court will adjourn for today. Tomorrow the defense will present it’s case, but let me tell you, I’m not sure how Plankton will dig himself out of this one!


Shortly after to conclusion of today’s remarks, sources close to the case report that Plankton decided to change his plea to guilty and accept a plea bargain. We will follow this story as it develops and confirm or deny these reports as soon as possible. Stay tuned!!

Looking Back: Weeks 13/14

I decided to make sure all my work for these two weeks got done early because TOMORROW IS THANKSGIVING and it’s my favorite day of the whole entire year. It’s all about food and there’s literally nothing better than a holiday centered around food. Because of this, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a ton of work hanging over my head that way I could really enjoy the day off.

These two weeks have been centered on mashups, and while I learned a lot from the videos we watched, the assignments didn’t really feel too different than many of the ones I created earlier in the semester. I’ve done some where I combine pictures, and I even did a ‘character evolution’ of Gordon Ramsay week 12 that felt really similar to the one I did for Ash Ketchum this week. I think that kinda drives home the point that the video was trying to get across though.

The creative process is really made up of mashups. New ideas are never free from influence and are never totally ‘original’ like we would sometimes like to think they are. And if that’s the case, it makes sense that all my work this semester suddenly feels like a mashup because it is. Anyway, my work for the past two weeks as well as my daily creates are linked below. Have a great holiday everyone, there’s just two more weeks left!

The Evolution: Ash Ketchum

It’s Kinda Like

DS106 Remixer

What is a ‘Mash-up’ anyway?

Daily Creates

Word of the Day: Remix!

“Instead of writing up an explanation of what you learned, instead formulate your own understanding about remix and mashup, and record a video or audio of you explaining it to someone who is not familiar; this could ba a family member, friend, neighbor, random stranger. The point is to capture a recording of your explanation and make sure we hear the other person, perhaps asking a question. If you show them any examples, do it before you record (we do not need to hear them again).Write up a blog post that includes this recording and anything else you want to share to show your understanding of remix, and explaining how the examples you watched demonstrated the form. Put some thought on whether this is a creative act and as well explore what it means for the entities that retain copyright over the media forms that are remixed. Include links and/or embeds of all media you reference.”

References used:

Everything is a Remix (1/3)

The New Prohibition

Examples used:

“Don’t Tase me”

“Literal Video Versions – Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Daily Creates: Week 13/14




DS106: Assignment Mashup

“For this week, you must complete and write up one Remix Assignment using the Remixer. If there are examples for the original assignment, then you should aim to use media created for one of those examples (do not forget to link to it in your write up). Be sure to include all of the tags provided by the Remix generator.”


My Assignment: The term “bae” has become a popular term in the social media world. If you search the term in the Urban Dictionary, it’s another way of saying babe, baby, sweetie, etc. For this assignment, choose a picture of a famous couple. Next, crop the face(s) out. Then, insert the faces of you and your “bae.” Lastly, create a description for your picture. Be creative and make it funny!

My Remix: Do the opposite of what the assignment says- this can be in terms of subject, action, almost anything to make it be 180 degrees different.

My Interpretation: Well, the assignment is to take a picture of a celebrity couple and put my face and my ‘bae’s’ face on it. The opposite of that, then, would be to take a picture of me and my “bae” (by the way, I hate this term) and put the faces of a celebrity couple on it! Not going to lie, I lucked out with this one! I chose not to use examples from the assignment examples for this particular one because using someone else’s personal photos just seemed incredibly weird. (Sorry!) The final product was weird enough on its own. I did it while sitting in a coffee shop, and I know the people who could see my screen were probably incredibly concerned about my mental health. But anything for the grade, amirite?


Most of the time these things aren’t edited very well and look ridiculous, so I decided to stick with that theme. To make the image, I first went online and googled a picture of Taylor Swift and then one of Calvin Harris.

I opened up GIMP, grabbed an old picture of my boyfriend and I, and slapped it in there. I then used the free selection tool to outline each of their faces. Once they were outlined, I cut them out and pasted them into my photo. I had to use the rotate and scale tool to get their faces at the angle and size they needed to be. After that, I adjusted them and put them in place!

Ash: The Evolution!

“For this assignment you need to pick any chacter and follow thier progression that they have had (TV characters from a long standing TV show will probably be best).  Use video clips to show how the character has changed and grown up over time.  Try to make their progression seem as dramatic as you possibly can.”

– 4.5 stars

As soon as I saw this assignment, I knew I had to do it. I had the perfect character in mind, one who I grew up with and still to this day love: Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. I was OBSESSED with Pokemon as a child. I had every card, every game, every stuffed animal, and saw every movie in theater. While my cards are now boxed away and my stuffed animals have all been sold off or donated, I still have my all of my video games. I also still watch the original series on Netflix when I’m feeling particularly nostalgic. Basically, I love it. I love the Pokemon, I love the trainers, and I love the story line.

Because I grew up watching the series, in a round-about way I grew up with Ash. As I got older and matured in real life, so did he in his own right. As the show continued (despite the fact that he never actually ages) his behaviors and attitudes matured too. For this reason, I felt like he was really the perfect character for this assignment. I focused mainly on the way in which he acted at the beginning towards others and his Pokemon compared to how he handled wins and losses in the most recent seasons.

To complete it, I used Windows Movie Maker. IT was relatively easy considering we’ve spent the last three weeks working on video and I enjoyed getting to do another video assignment. I started out by scouring Youtube for clips of Ash, mostly making sure to include stuff from the original show as well as the newest stuff. There are A LOT of seasons (18 in total), so I thought showing the oldest compared to the most recent would have the most dramatic effect.

I then used “The Fastest Video Downloader” to move the videos from Youtube to my desktop. From there, they were uploaded to Movie maker and I got to work. I cut down the full episodes into short clips that showed times when Ash was being mature, and times when he wasn’t doing such a good job at it. Once I had all the clips I wanted, I ran through it to make sure it flowed well. I then saved it, exported it, and uploaded it to my youtube channel. That’s it!

Season One video clips

Season One Episode Three

Season 16 Episode 1

Season 18 Episode 1

Isn’t That Kinda Like..?

“Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two!”

– 4.5 stars



When I graduated high school in 2012, the first of the Hunger Games movies was released. I was excited because it was a book series I had read a year or two earlier and one I really loved. Not to mention, the final Harry Potter had already been released and I was itching for another book-to-movie franchise to hook onto. Little did I know, the release of the Hunger Games was just the beginning of what would turn into several years of dystopian thrillers, one right after another.

The next major book-to-movie series that followed this post-apocalyptic story line was divergent, which follows Tris as she fights against the corrupt faction system. It’s plot, characters, and setting were eerily similar to that of the Hunger Games trilogy, and likely contributed to the success it has enjoyed since being released.

Because of their similarities, I decided they would be the perfect movies to use for this particular assignment. I did some digging on google images to find movie posters where the characters were in similar poses, were around the same height, and where the lighting was close to the same. I figured having these aspects of the posters match up would equal a more cohesive ‘mash-up’ in the end.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take screenshots during the process so I’ll just have to settle for explaining it here. It’s been awhile since I worked on any assignments using GIMP, and it took some readjusting before I was able to get comfortable again. I decided to use the Hunger Games Poster as the base layer since it featured a rocky cliff that would help cover up the fact that Tris has no feet (they weren’t in the frame in her poster). I also just really liked the water color-ish background and wanted to keep it. Using the free form tool on GIMP, i very carefully traced over Tris’s outline until I had moved all the way around her and connected the trace. I cut her image out, opened the window containing the Hunger Games poster, and pasted her in. I decided to place her in the corner because 1) her dang feet, and 2) I liked the idea that it looked as if she was standing on some kind of cliff just out of eye shot.

When I cut out Tris, there were a few white spots that made the poster look pretty hastily thrown together and bad. I decided to use the color matching tool and the paintbrush to match the color near the white spot and fill it in. Once zoomed out, you can hardly notice that the brush spots seem more blurry than everything else and the poster just looks a little less choppy altogether.


Movie posters sourced from:

Divergent poster

Hunger Games